Yaffa Chaya is an artist working and living in NYC. She attended the University of Connecticut for her undergraduate degree, then earned her Master's in Writing from the National University of Ireland, Galway through the Mitchell Scholarship. While in Ireland, Yaffa interned for Art for Amnesty. She then spent some time working in Israel, where she began to go by her Hebrew name, Yaffa Chaya. Now in NYC permanently, she currently works as a fashion illustrator for various live events companies, publications, and distributors. She shows her work primarily in NYC. Yaffa can most frequently be found painting in her Brooklyn studio, where she is currently working on an oil paint series about indoor city pandemic life.
The Lolo Collective was named after Yaffa's great aunt Eleanor (Lolo for short), who always said she would never marry if she could not find a man she loved as much as she loved Paris (and she never did). In that spirit, The Lolo Collective seeks to never settle for anything "less than", and to maintain an inherited free spirit of expression through the collective generations.
2020 | August | Artists & Fleas Wiliamsburg, NYC | Scarves & paintings
2020 | The Grand Bazaar, NYC | Prints
2019 | Estée Lauder | Live drawing
2019 | Barneys flagship store x HBO | Live drawing
2018 | Salomon Arts Gallery / Artist for World Peace | Group show
2016 | Backyard Mythologies | 3fe, Dublin | Solo show to benefit Childline
2015 | Mitchell Scholarship