The Lolo Collective was launched in September of 2018 by Julianne Norton, founder and CEO. Julianne attended the University of Connecticut for her undergraduate degree, then earned her Master's in Writing from the National University of Ireland, Galway through the Mitchell Scholarship. While in Ireland, Julianne interned for Art for Amnesty. Upon moving back to the US, she worked as a freelance fashion illustrator prior to becoming COO of Pavé the Way Jewelry, a philanthropic design house. She currently lives in New York City with a tall man and two cats, Basil and Borscht.

As an undergrad, Julianne raised scholarship money for art students by selling artwork online. The Lolo Collective was founded to support and represent artists from around the world with a curated online presence. The collective was named after Julianne's great aunt Eleanor (Lolo for short), who always said she would never marry if she could not find a man she loved as much as she loved Paris (and she never did). In that spirit, The Lolo Collective seeks to never settle for anything "less than".