The Lolo Collective is proud to present a curated space with talented artists from across the world. Check back frequently for new additions.

Individual artists may be open to commissions and partnerships. Please write to if you are interested.

The Lolo Collective seeks to build a robust and diverse portfolio of participating artists. If you are looking for representation, please reach out to with a small selection of pieces for consideration. Due to a heavy volume of applicants, we regret that we will not always be able to respond to all inquiries.


Julianne Rockoff

IG @thelolocollective

Julianne Rockoff, founder and owner of The Lolo Collective, is a fashion illustrator in NYC playing with linework, negative space, and color. She predominately works with digital mediums. She has been recognized as a Mitchell Scholar and has exhibited her work internationally, with a heavy emphasis on nonprofit and philanthropic partnerships. Click here to see all art by Julianne.

Ezra Jude

Ezra Jude is an interdisciplinary artist from the United States whose work engages with ecology, gender politics, and the Anthropocene. Immersed in fantasy and dystopian futures, his installations contrive narratives through the lens of eco-feminism. He has been awarded numerous grants for his research in contemporary aesthetics, digital mediums, and environmental installation art. Click here to see all art by Ezra Jude.

Steph Rae Davis

IG @stephraestudio

Stephanie Rae Davis is an artist and preschool teacher in San Francisco, California. She grew up in New England, creating, playing, and expressing herself in her mother’s decorative art studio. She received her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, and today her artwork takes the form of painting, drawing, embroidery, miniature book making, and sculpture. She is inspired by the simple beauty of the world around her, and her artwork often touches on appreciating natural moments in the everyday, but often draws on fantasies that grow from these ideas. Click here to see all art by Steph Rae Davis.

 Deborah Norton

Deborah Norton graduated from SUNY Stonybrook with a BFA and went on to earn an accreditation from FIT. She worked with textile design in NYC for a number of years but currently focuses on papercuts, pastels, and embroidery. Her papercuts typically lay out narrative scenes with intricate detail, piecing together figures and symbols in two-dimensional landscapes. A mother of four and of Jewish faith, her work centers around nursery tales and biblical stories. Click here to see all art by Deborah Norton.

Samantha Sealy

IG @ihardlyknewher

Samantha Sealy is a published analogue photographer working with manipulated negatives. Her work often includes anonymous figures with pieces missing, or nature as seen through a dark or foggy perspective. 

"All my life my way of loving was to say goodbye."
— Marina Tsvetaeva 

Click here to see all art by Samantha Sealy.


We are happy to represent other artists beyond our core group, including the resale of delightful pieces discovered at art fairs and vintage markets around the world.